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Overview: News mobile operators: 15-21 November 2012

Tele2 has agreed with Vkontakte, MTS introduced a smartphone with an interface from Yandex and Megafon launched LTE network in two new cities. These and other important news from the world of the Russian cellular operators - on.

Tele2. Service for "Vkontakte"
The company Tele2 signed a new agreement with a social network Vkontakte, through which subscribers of the operator is now able to use SMS-services website using their mobile phone.
The new service allows subscribers of Tele2 operator receive a completely free SMS-notification of missed personal messages and news groups and communities VKontakte. In addition, the service allows you to use SMS to add comments to the news community, post entries on your wall and respond to new messages. To activate the service subscriber Tele2 enough to register your phone number on the settings page profile in the social network Vkontakte, then request and confirm the activation code. Activation of the service for free, and the monthly fee will be charged for it.

MTS. New branded smartphone interface Yandex.Shell
MTS has officially announced the start of sales of the new smartphone under its own brand. Novelty called MTS 968 and running the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich interface Yandex.Shell, which allows you to create an unlimited number of desktops and has support for a variety of unique widgets. The interface itself is built it into a three-dimensional carousel.
MTS 968 specifications are pretty standard for carrier smartphone. It is integrated chipset Qualcomm MSM7227 clocked at 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 4-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480x800 pixels. The available physical memory is only two gigabytes, but they can add a microSD memory card up to 32 gigabytes. Wireless capabilities new items include support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and aGPS. Built-in 5-megapixel camera is fine for when the camera is not fully with him. Smart phone battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh and can support its work for 5.5 hours of talk time and 325 hours of standby time. Dimensions are 968 MTS 124x64x12 mm, weight - 150 grams. The question price - 7490 rubles.

Megaphone. LTE for Tomsk and Seversk
Operator Yota and MegaFon recently jointly announced the launch of the Tomsk and Seversk mobile services of the fourth generation - LTE. Both operators offer their own solutions for access to the network through the new technology. Which of either choose - it's up to you.

Yota offers unlimited Internet access for all users. The price depends on your connection speed - from 300 to 1200 rubles a month. For those who use the Internet regularly, Yota offers access at no additional charge at speeds up to 128 kbit / s. If necessary, the maximum speed can be switched on for 24 hours for $ 100. Everyone who buys a device to access the network Yota can during the week for free online test 4G. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of service, Yota will return money for the device. At least, so says the official web site. To connect to the 4G mobile Internet with a modem can Yota, which is sold in the online store, retail outlets Yota, as well as the partners of the company and is 2900 rubles.
Megaphone also offers subscribers Tomsk and Seversk 4G-modem you pack a "Test" (20 gigabytes per month with a speed limit of 20 Mbit / c) - you can buy them in stores and online shop operator at a price of 1990 rubles. The device is universal, that is, not only works in networks 4G, but also in the 3G and 2G. Acquiring modem kit from November 15, the subscriber is able to connect up to date January 31, 2013 to use the mobile Internet without subscription fees. Also offers users a megaphone in Tomsk and Seversk other 4G-device: Russia's first 4G-tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE and Wi-Fi-Router "Megaphone MR100» with built 4G/3G-modulem.

Operators have promised to provide a highway link
Russia, because of its geography, is a country where the least expensive to cover the mobile operators. But maybe, very soon, this problem will be not so obvious. MTS, VimpelCom, MegaFon and Rostelecom announced a joint project to provide mobile communication highways of federal importance "Baikal", "Caspian", "Ural" and "Ussuri" total length of about 9,000 kilometers. The construction of the operator's base station will begin in the first quarter of 2013, the project will take up to nine months. The estimated cost of the work on the organization of the coating is about 3.2 billion.
Implementation of the planned project will provide full coverage of cellular communication of key road arteries of the country. To ensure uniform coating operators have installed more than 200 new base stations in addition to the existing telecommunications infrastructure. According to the work plan, each of the participants of the project will establish its own antenna mast structures at approved sites, which will then be used for co-location of equipment four operators. Costs for the construction of aerial structures operators share on an equal footing. Costs of organizing power of communications infrastructure will take the state.
The complexity of both the development of the project itself and the subsequent implementation of the specific regions and is caused by the peculiarities of passing routes away from major population centers. Mobile communication roads of Russia is an integral part of the federal program for full deployment of the "ERA-GLONASS", designed to ensure safety on the highways and reduce the severity of accidents due to speed incident response and relief.

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